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... the body always heals from the inside out, our soul too.

In these days, many people suffer from loneliness, depression, chronic diseases, harmful behavior patterns, old imprints and deep-rooted fears.


There are many approaches to work on these patterns, I will be happy to discuss with you what possibilities are available - to tackle the problem together.


Dissolving these old ways of thinking and replacing them by creating new and more nurturing ones, is the goal for durable healing from inside.

When the inner attitude is healthy, the body and its environment will follow.

What's at risk to try? To finally be free?

See you soon

Greetings from my heart

Urs "Orso" Blumer


Work for children

dreamtime healing

An Aborigial Australian method, to heal the soul, to change the memory of traumatic  experiences, back when the original event took place, instead of trying to cure the symptoms.

Removing the cause, the effects will disappear as well.

create new paths in your life:  at work, at home,
with your family...            

We will look at how you      communicate and act. 
       You will hear some questions you never got before and a hard but healthy look on what works and what not in your life.
Ready for a challenge?
JUST BE...  immersed in nature no purpose, no need, no communication.


promotes relaxation, breathing and blood circulation with targeted activities

create new ways to communicate
resolve issues

How often are we stuck in our relationships and are ready to give up, when sometimes it just takes a different approach, a change in communication...

Here are focussed, sometimes hard questions for you to have a look at what works in your relationship - or not.   
  Be it at work, in a partnership or with the kids...

Meeting   team-event    union/wedding   

birth  /  funeral 

Are you looking for an alternative way to celebrate important moments in you life? Is your desire outside the normal?
May we inspire you? - You dream it -
we make it happen.

Shamanic Wedding
Working with Kids

upcoming events













Our Union-Ceremony was unforgettable for everyone involved, thank you so much for your personal approach and for welcoming the way we wished to celebrate our union., Both, me an my partner now have a new feeling of walking our path together while leaving enough room for each of us to develop in our heart

​​anonymous, engineer    CH

Urs, I've seen you guide people through growth processes.

In my eyes you are born for this wonderful work.

I am a therapist myself and have already experienced many forms of therapy. Rarely has anything convinced me more than your work. I would trust you with my children at any time.

A person will not be the same after your work.

My son, for example, understood during the process work that he is actually man enough and no longer needs his "drugs" (cigarettes, alcohol and cannabis). After your treatment he threw his cigarettes into the fire and since then lives "drug-free".

He has gone through a first-class growth process and has truly matured from child to man.

Last weekend he sat at the table with us and talked to us, the mobile phone stayed in his pocket the whole time! Today needs miracles like this.


Thank you.

Beatrix E.  CH

Your ceremony has awakened something very deep and old inside of me.

I have the feeling that i have found my own personal spirituality back.

It fills my heart with joy, gratitude and a new perception of who i am. So free and serene. Thank you from deep in my heart.

R. G.   DE

Workshop Antar foundation with troubled children

There are some folks who think we’re crazy to take a dozen troubled kids from Amsterdam all the way to Onsernone to spend just four days there, as we’ve been doing for the past 10 years, twice a year.


There are a great many good reasons why we do so, and one of them is Urs.


Urs is interested in everything within us and everything surrounding us.  This genuine interest makes him a modest person, respectful to everything and everyone.


No matter how ‘weird’ or mad a child behaves, Urs responds with dignity to both the child and himself. Children recognize integrity, which gives him natural authority.


Most of the children on our camps grow up without fathers, they are physically and/or emotionally absent.  Also, there is a general lack of male role models nowadays.  For both boys and girls it’s so important to interact with a man who knows male honor and care.  Urs knows what being a man is about.


Urs is a master in using the situation at hand or the material available to invite the children to experience something about themselves, others and the world around them. 

Our children love to spend time with him, because it’s fun, it’s exciting and it adds real value to their lives.  We’re grateful that we can offer our children this opportunity.   


So as a foundation dedicated to the true, authentic wellbeing of children - troubled and deprived children in specific - we recommend every school, club or youth care organization to let their children spend time with this special man.


The Antar Foundation, ‘a home for children’

Amsterdam, March 2020

Dear Urs, I don't know how to thank you for the last session. But i want you to know: without the treatment you gave me a few weeks ago,

I would be dead by now


Gerda  CH

Working with zero-point conversations, we were finally able to discover the source and paterns of year long issues in our relationship, which had led to a complete breaktdown in our communication

E.F. Technician   CH

The treatment was profound and brought light into the darkness.

Many of my problems or recurring unpleasant situations were illuminated and solved.

Thank you Urs for accompanying me through part of my blockages.

K.F.   Switzerland

I am at the beginning of a new life and feel an undreamt-of inner strength.

The trees tell me "go your way and follow your heart". And I will walk it.

Thank you for your company. For your power, for your strength. For your sensitivity. For your peace and serenity. For your masculine charisma where it is needed.

For your gentleness, your intuition. For holding when I needed it. For silence and peace.

You have freed me.

Anonymous     DE

Dear urs

After my experience with the Holographic Kinetics session I have uplifted my spirits and soul to a whole new level.

Although I had felt I had dealt with post traumatic events in my life at a younger age, I had not realized the lingering affects it had on my body and mind subtly.


I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work and healing you have guided me through with this incredible technique.

I have always been skeptical of therapists and medications to ease anxieties, but with the process of connecting directly to the source of stress through visualization and communication, I immediately felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders as soon as the session was over.

I cannot stress enough the importance of this ritual and had a new experience and techniques to take with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much again Urs and so much love to you and entire family. —Natalie F.   Arizona USA




                 urblume(at)                  Tel:  + 41 79 460 54 27


  Appointments on request.

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