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Relationships are difficult.

Yeah - i heard this many times and yes, it can be - especially when you were brought up in a usual family with the spiritual background

many of us are familiar with.

The truth is, we just never get a chance to train how to deal with each other in a good way and how to solve conflicts in a way that

serves both parties, in which the individual needs are heard and acknowledged.

Quite a long experience (27 years) in the field as a husband and father, as well as a mens-work facilitator for well over 15 years now, allows me to use tools and methods to help couples, family members, work-collegues find a way through mechanisms, thought processes, conflict and misunderstandings in a good way. I usually hear each person involved separately and then all parties, while requesting  to respect certain rules of conversation.

It often takes a hard look on both realities and a distant point of view, which i will offer you in order to reveal the mechanisms

that are at play.

Lets book a session and lay the base for a change of your reality - a base of respect and understanding of each other's needs.

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