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-Since a few years i am creating simple and pleasant multilingual websites for friends with small businesses, just like this one - all included. It's actually faster and cheaper than you may think.

examples are:



-my eyes have been trained to look from different, sometimes unusual points of view to achieve astonishing results. Click on "Contact for photography projects". I have done photography reportings for several weddings and music events such as the Caviegn Festival. (The background picture was taken in Cyprus, a few years ago - right place, right time, right point of view)


-my family keeps telling me i should start writing a book. I guess i do have a talent for writing, perhaps i just didn't have time to think about a project. If you are interested in texting-services, don't hesitate to contact me. This service is available for German and English

I also do translations in German, English, Italian and French


-In all these years of rebuilding our house, a few skills have built up, i am glad to offer those to anyone who is in need. My family also keeps telling me that i should sell all those ideas i keep getting...

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