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"An Advanced Aboriginal Healing Modality for the
Future from the Past." 


A scientific approach to the ancient knowledge of aboriginal culture in Australia. Developed by its founder Steve Richards - an extraordinary man of aboriginal descent, who created a most efficient modality to communicate with the essence of a being, thus allowing to access the origin of any issue, trauma, compulsive disorder and illness.



A session itself is quite gentle in the sense that the client is comfortably lying on the massage table being guided by the practitioner's voice while fully conscious during the whole process.  It's important to be relaxed and to let go of any thoughts or expectations with a bit of a curiosity in order to get the best results.

The process is absolutely pain and harmless, although some sessions go deep emotionally. Basically the client comes with a problem he wants to solve in his/her life. First, we ask permission of the client and his higher self before we start. Then we ask the essence of the being to guide us to where the issue originally started. 

Any event, especially the traumatic happenings leave an imprint (we call it "dimension") in the cellular memory. That memory can be accessed and replaced with a new memory, created to be nurturing and joyful. In contrast to the old dimension, that had caused the issue in the first place. Replacing that original cause, the effects that it caused will disappear with it - the client leaves relieved.


It is based on what the Australian Aboriginals call "Lore" (the universal laws). They knew and understood this knowledge from the past and applied it in their daily life; Spirit healing is the science behind their knowledge.​​​

The method is about re-balancing of the imbalances of man's internally-created realities through the cycles of dimensions that man calls "time". Dreamtime healing can access the internal dimensional world of all living things, the life force, the invisible, man at times calls spirit. 


HOLOGRAPHIC virtually explains man is a hologram - every cell in the body stores every thought and memory as it is sent from the subtle bodies within, out to all areas of the physical body and each cell has the ability to holographically reproduce those memories. These areas are called "cellular memory" and can store trauma from generations down the hereditary line -

the good news is...  they can be accessed and cleared.​​​
KINETIC energy comes from the harmony of the Infinite universe, as free flowing balanced energy. When captured by the act of a thought, it becomes potential energy, aligning itself within. It now stores memory and locks it into the stress point of the body. ​​​


​Spirit Healing is about the integration of an internal invisible, and an external visible world of assisting people with their internally-created realities which are not being addressed or understood by mainstream mental health system.

You can benefit from this powerful system and be rewarded by obtaining the same remarkable results-usually in one session, as our other clients have.


  • phyisical illness

  • mental illness

  • annorexia and overweight

  • depressions

  • doubt or attempted suicide

  • compulsive behaviour


  • behavioural change

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