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human beings love to celebrate - especially family events.

Some of us have a long history of religious upbringing, sometimes with negative experiences. Others are doubting about the power the established religions seem to have...


I have always thought, there must be something we all have in common, something spiritual, just like the sun here, which shines on all of us. So i am offering ways to celebrate for those who have faith in some creative power - or not.


It may be that you want to celebrate the birth of a new human being, in a special way, to welcome it in your family - in your community.

Perhaps you have a strong intuition on how this should be done, or you are looking for  some place where you would like that to happen.


My point is:   "it can't be done" is not true.


In other occasions it is the union of a couple that likes to be manifested with your loved ones. Or it may be time for someone to leave this body in a good way. Let's find out what is the right way for that person and their family - and do it.


I am here to assist you in this and make it happen - they way you feel to be the good way.

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