Who am I? - Maybe a better question is, how am I?

When I was a small boy, my parents used to complain, that I asked too many questions, they called me “Fräägli” (someone small that keeps asking all the time)

I really asked a lot of questions – and I still do. On one side because I am very curious, on the other because I often didn’t understand why human beings are the way they are – sometimes I still don't...    ;-)


Although I have come much further in the meantime and I learnt probably a lot more than if I had not asked that many questions. What’s more, I learnt how to ask better questions - when to ask them and to whom.


So asking questions has become some sort of passion or a vehicle to find out more how things work and how people are – deep inside. Asking where something comes from, how it all started. This is also essential in order to solve issues in our body and in our soul. Unless we work on the origin of a problem, we will never really solve it. I like solving problems, be it technical, emotional or physical.


However, I was born in 1966 – a great year when things were working out well, no worries, everybody was taking off. And there were values and ways to do things.

Ethics or morals – where did our society loose all that? That is one of those big questions i think about quite often. The world has changed a lot since then, unfortunately not just in a positive direction. We have massive issues to solve.


I think it is time to take responsibility, I believe we are the ones who have to make decisions and work for a better outcome, if we wish the world to become a better place for our children and their children. I want to work towards that.


Who am I?  The Lakota people have a way to say “mitakuye oyasin”. I am "one with everything that is"

I am a proud father, a husband, a former commercial employee, flight attendant, educator, painter, cook, house builder, photographer, computer engineer, teacher, ceremony leader, healer, massage-therapist, mechanic, facilitator, gathering organiser, international non-profit organisation headman, leader of purification ceremonies, international council member, cook, waiter, website developper, men’s group leader, internal work facilitator, holographic kinetics practitioner, event-manager, motorcycle enthusiast…

and I guess a few things more. In other words, I am young at heart, quite flexible and I speak 5 languages fluently.


Wow, sounds like a lot of things... Now that I read it! It looks like life has given me many opportunities to learn. I still love to learn, perhaps from you? At this point i'd like to express my deep gratitude to my teachers and the creator who is so generous in offering opportunities to grow.

But most of all… I am here and now. I am here for you.

Urs  "Orso"